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Fusion protein (RE)

Purpose of this page

This web page is designed to aid the design of a set of linker oligonucleotides that can be used to sub clone a fragment of an open reading frame such that the fragment forms a fusion protein with an open reading frame in the vector.

insilicase icon A Windows program that duplicates this page can be downloaded here.

Copy and paste the VECTOR sequence in to the text box below.

Copy and paste the INSERT sequence in the text box below (the sequence must contain the restrictions sites you which to use).



Step 1

Copy and paste your vector and insert into the text boxes on the first page and press the 'Submit' button (use the reverse button to reverse complement the sequence).

Step 2

Select the restriction enzymes you wish to use in the cloned experiment. While the enzyme lists state 5' and 3' the enzymes will be automatically sorted by position. Next press 'Submit' button and view the picture showing the open reading frames in the construct. To adjust the junction between the vector and insert open reading frames change the values in the 5' and 3' junction list boxes and press the 'Submit' button again.

The sequence of the link oligonucleotides is shown in the lower text box along with the sequence of the resultant construct.

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