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About this program

This program was written so I could keep track on what work I needed to do on a current paper or project and where the data files and folders that I need are on my USB sticks, harddrives or network shares.

The program has two main functions, the first is to maintain a list of things that I need to do. this updatable list is found on the TODO tab of the expanded interface. This list is updated using the buttons on the navigation panel as described below. The other feature is a interactive list of files and folders of special interest. Clicking on one of these items (with the right mouse button) opens a menu which allows you to open the folder or the file. It also allows you to add and delete items. Since these items may be on removeable drives the program tracks the presence of different USB storage devices and updates the list as they are added or removed. The program also replicates the list of favorites from Internet Explorer, right clicking on a floder opens the folder, while clicking on a web page opens it in IE. Right clicking on the first node in the list (Search Google) allows you to enter a search term which is then used to search Google.

This program is best placed in the Startup folder of the Programs Start menu, so it automatically starts when you log in.

The basics
  • To expand or contract the interface double click on the clock.
  • To move the window, place the cursor other the clock and press the right mouse button and then move the mouse to drag the interface to a new location.
  • To show, hide or close the form, either right mouse click on the clock or the program icon in task bar and then select an option
The TODO buttons
  • < and >: You can navigate through the list of TODO items using the < and > buttons.
  • N: A new TODO list is created by pressing the ‘N’ button and then typing the information in the text box.
  • S: Pressing the ‘S’ button saves the text.
  • E: Pressing the ‘E’ button allows you to edit a pre-existing item.
  • Deleting a item is done by pressing the 'E' button, deleting all the text and the saving it by pressing the 'S' button.
The Drives tree
  • To add a drive double click on the 'All drives' item and then select a drive.
  • To add a file or folder right click on the dirve where the file/folder is located and select the 'Add > File' or 'Add > Folder', then select the item. If you select an item on a different drive it will be ignored
  • To delete an item right click on it and select 'Delete'
  • To include network drives in the list, right click on any item and select the 'Include network drives'
  • To open a file or folder double click on the item.

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