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About this program

This program acts like a virtual StickIt note stuck on your screen. When the cursor is over the form its visible and when its not it fades away, so you can read through it. To add a note, just type it in to the text box. To add a new one press the '>' button and type it in. To look at the others just press the '<' or '>' button to move among them. If you overwrite a note it's gone, if you clear the note it's gone. The program automatically saves the notes when you close the program and retrieves them when you start it up again.


The 'T' button

If you sit in front of the computer and forget all about time and burn your dinner, forget to go to bed or worst forget its coffee time at work, it has a timer function. Type a note to prompt you in the text box and press 'T' and then enter the time before the message pops up and press 'Set'. When its time the message appears and the icon in the notification area flashers. (Thats the icon in the bottom rightby the small clock.)

The 'S' button

Pressing this 'S' button saves the current memo to a text file.

The 'A' button

Pressing this shows group of buttond that when pressed align the form to the egde of the screen ('T' = top, 'B' = bottom, 'L' = left, 'R' = right and 'N' = none)


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