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Mass Spectrometry Protein analysis


  This program was designed to enable the analysis of protein complexes whose constituent proteins have been identified by mass spectrometry of a partially purified protein complex. The program extracts data from the UniProt web page for each protein, this can then be used to both exclude co-purifying proteins and group the proteins into functional subgroups.

  It is also possible to compare multiple samples to find which proteins are unique to each complex and those that are present in numerous samples.


  This program was created as a joint collaboration between the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford and the Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Leeds to help identify the structure of different RNA polymerase complexes.


Melnik S, Deng B, Papantonis A, Baboo S, Carr IM, Cook PR
The proteomes of transcription factories containing RNA polymerases I, II, or III.
Nature Methods. Accepted 2011 Aug 27.

Availability and contact information

  This program has its own web site here which contains a user guide for MS-prot and a download page.

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