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ORF finder

Purpose of this page

This web page is designed to align a mRNA sequence to a genomic sequence to finder the exons in a gene. The two sequence must be from the same spieces and so highly homolgous for the common regions. If an open reading frame is selected that too is included in the alignment. The maximum size of the genomic sequence is limited to bps, but a program that mirrors this page with no size limits is available below.

If the alignment is blatantly wrong it is because either the two sequences are not homologous or the genomic sequence needs to be inverted. This can be done here.

insilicase icon A Windows program that duplicates this page can be downloaded here.

Enter the cDNA sequence below and press submit (maximum length =15000kb)


Select an ORF from the list below and press 'View ORF' if you want to include.
Press the 'Next' button to enter the genomic sequence and perform the alignment.



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