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Any Ideas

Please note:
I have no plans to make any money from this site. If you want to make money from your idea this is not the place for you!

Do you have any ideas for web pages or desktop applications, large or small?

Web pages and small applications

If you have any ideas for an interactive web page or small program, feel free to contact me. If I think I can help you, I'll have a go at writing the software with your feedback. Since I have to pay for the web sites band width, I prefer to develop web pages that do not need to upload or download large amounts of data. However, I will develop a desktop application to do these data intensive tasks. The only real requirement is that the program will be useful to other people. Since these programs are relatively simple to make and have no real publication value, I will put them on this site for anyone to use. What you get is a program or web page that does the job you want it to do.

Larger applications

I have written larger applications, which I have then published in reasonable journals. If you have a publishable idea then I will consider developing the program and writing a joint paper. Sometimes an application can be published as both a methods paper and a second paper where the application analysed some of the data. In this case I expect to be first name on the methods paper and included on the second paper. You and members of your group can be placed on both papers. If there will be only one paper, then my place in the author list will be confirmed once it becomes evident that the program works. I will put a time limit on the length of a project (~2 years). This is mainly to stop a project from dragging on with no end point in sight.

Things to note are

  • I expect a proportion of ideas to fail and so will take a chance.
  • If you feel your idea is very precious and think I may steal it, then perhaps you should keep it to yourself.
  • A good idea is only a small part of developing a publishable application.
  • If the program uses a specific type of data, it's doubtful that I will have any, so you would have to supply it.

Typically, I have written programs that work with sequencing (Sanger and Illumina clonal) and SNP microarray data, however I have worked with other types of data.
Examples of programs suggested by other people are:

  • MethylViewer Nucleic Acids Research, impact factor: 7.836 (2011).
  • CNViewer PLoS ONE, impact factor: 4.09 (2012).
  • MS-prot Nature Methods, impact factor: 20.717 (2011).
  • IBDelphi Human Mutation, impact factor: 5.956 (2011).

I try not to mess people about and consequently will not put up with people that expect the world, while paying for nothing! Remember the cheapest rate for a freelance programmer with no biological background is about £20/hr.

Still interested

If I have not put you off, then you can contact me here.

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